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Morning Sermon
How to Have Hope

Evening Sermon
Preaching (Abdel Judeh)

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Week of 07/14/24

Morning Sermon
Heavenly Personalities

Evening Sermon
Do Thyself No Harm

A one year archive of sermons is here.


Remembering Bro. Johnny.

Latest PDF sermon by Dr. Hyles

We will adding more sermons in PDF by Dr. Jack Hyles. This allows you to easily adjust the text size and to download the sermons.

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A letter from Hell

You must see this!

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Very much needed Bible studies

Bro. Hyles preached an amazing Wednesday night series of lessons that we wish EVERY Christian would listen to.  They are so practical and down to earth and yet so dynamic and revolutionary! These lessons were given back in the middle 1990's and there is hardly a week that goes by that we don't apply principles that we learned during this series.  Listening to these will definitely change your life if you take them to heart. You will find them here.

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