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Dr. Jack Hyles in PDF format

Some Strange Bedfellows  
The First Step to Getting  
Giants or Grasshoppers  
Jesus First  
Truth is Fallen in the Street  

By Other Preachers of the Past

Pay Day Someday Dr.R.G. Lee
Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God Jonathan Edwards
The Woman in the Case Dr. Bob Jones Sr.
Theater, Cards and Dance Billy Sunday
"What Shall I Do Then With Jesus?" Billy Sunday
Abraham's Offering Up His Son Isacc George Whitfield

By Dr. Jack Hyles

Logic Must Prove the King James Bible  
Why The Blood Saves  
False Bibles: An Enemy of Soul Winning  
God and I Don't Always Agree  
The Determinate Counsel  
Inferior Churches  
Four Calls To Soulwinning  
The Treasure Is In The Field  
How To Argue With God And Win  
Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out  
A Brook In The Way  
The Eyes Of The Lord  
Jesus, A Friend Of Sinners  
How To Fire The Preacher  
The Christian's Hate Life  
For His Mercy Endureth Forever  
I am An Idea  
Kisses Of Calvary  
Mary Magdalene  
How Not To Change  
The Salvation of a Nation  
Seeing Him Who Is Invisible  
Teacher Or The "Teacher-Type"  
Pleiades and Orion  
Strength and Beauty  
I Have Sinned  
I Am Not My Own  
Russian Roulette  
To Hell and Back  
How Can Man, Born of Woman be Justified With God?  
The Great White Throne  
Stay in Crete  
Truth is Fallen in the Street  
Justified by Faith and Works  
The King is Coming  
David's Old Weapons  
How We Got God's Words  
Little Things in the Christmas Story  
Christmas 365 Days a Year  
John the Baptist, the Doubter