As stated elsewhere, this is a personal web site. It is not officially sanctioned by First Baptist Church of Hammond or Hyles-Anderson College. We do make a sincere effort to accurately reflect the teachings, beliefs and convictions of them.

Many folks send email to us wanting to order materials or have questions answered that are specifically related to one of the above named entities. We are not an official spokesman for any of them. Although our site is well known around First Baptist Church and related ministries, we are none the less, an unofficial site.

In order to help you get your questions answered, below are some addresses and phone numbers that may be used.
Questions about First Baptist Church:

First Baptist Church of Hammond
507 State St..
Hammond, IN 46325
(219) 932-0711
Web Site

Questions concerning our college:

Hyles-Anderson College
8400 Burr St.
Crown, Point, IN 46307
(219) 365-4031
(888) Dr Hyles (374-9537)
Web Site

Questions regarding preaching tapes and books:

Grace to Grow Publications
507 State St.
Hammond, IN 46325
Web Site

(219) 932-0711

Questions about ordering music featured on our site or materials by Dr. Jeff Owens see the order information available from the Music page and the Listen page for Dr. Owens.