David Williams is a composer and musician as well as a graduate of Hyles-Anderson College.  He has written some songs that he wished to make available here. Below are his comments about the songs, an "exe" file for each song and a file you can click on to hear the melody of some of the songs.

The "exe" files can be clicked on and downloaded to your computer. Make sure you remember where on your computer that you download it.  Once you have the file, double click on it to run. It will install a very small viewer program on your computer and then display the sheet music for the song. When the image comes up, it will have a picture of an envelope, just click on the envelope and it will go away. You can print the music if you wish from the viewer.

You can click on the "mid" files and they should begin playing on your computer, if you have Windows Media Player (which ships with Windows) or another "midi" player on your system.

Since so many are putting things on your web site that are a tribute to Dr. Hyles, I want to contribute a song that I wrote the words and music to.  The title is Fresh Oil.  I wrote this in tears one day after having listened to the tape of Fresh Oil from the 1976 Pastors' School.   We went to Hyles Anderson largely from that message. 

Fresh Oil.exe              Fresh Oil.mid

I also have a song entitled "God's House" which is a tribute to First Baptist Church.

God' House.exe          God's House.mid   

This is "Christ Has No Hands But Our Hands" which you will remember Dr. Hyles preaching quite a bit.  The three verses are unchanged from the poem, and the chorus I wrote myself to go along with the verses.  

Christ Has No Hands But Our Hands.exe            Christ Has No Hands But Our Hands.mid

I could not help but send this one as well.  This was written for a man that was dying and it is applicable to anyone who will see us again up in heaven.  "I'll See You Again Up In Heaven" would be a particularly wonderful song to give to Mrs. Hyles but I feel that all friends of Dr. Hyles and the church would find special comfort in the words and music of this fine song. 

I'll See You Again Up In Heaven.exe            I'll See You Again Up In Heaven.mid

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