"Your Hero"

Your Hero became my Hero one day.
When you told me about the Love to you he gave.
He saw your family, in need of the Gospel plan.
A Christian Education you received, a Chicago bus route you ran.
You told me how be corrected you as a young child.
How be straightened an eager teenager full of life so wild.
I heard how he could break the hardest of hearts,
By his compassion and willingness to get the Gospel to every part.
You told me about your college days, who you wanted to pattern your life by,
not your professors nor teachers, but Bro. Hyles,
your pastor you wanted to stand by.
Finally the day would come when you gave your heart to God.
I heard how Bro. Hyles so proudly cheered you on.
Your hero became my Hero one-day.
Because of the man I see you are today.
My Father, my pastor, my teacher, and friend.
I am so sorry our Hero's life has had to come to an end.
But the most that I've learned from this Godly man.
Is how he gave his time, and life, to give people the salvation plan.
His life has been watched by so many of us around.
And his life will go on because his life was profound.
Your Hero is my Hero and always will be.
Because of the way that you have preached, and how it has touched me.

Written by Annette Ross

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