He Finished As He Began

Let me tell you the tale of Jack Frasure Hyles,
For it is sure to inspire.
He gave his life very young to God,
He was full of zeal and fire.

To have great wealth was not his lot,
His family had quite little,
His clothes were worn, his house a shack,
Not even the funds for “vittles”.

His mind was bright, and his heart was pure,
And though he was quite shy,
He gave all that he had to God,
And God made him quite a guy!

As a young lad he felt the call, and gave his life to preach,
He was the “barn stormin, window rattlin’,shingle pulling , hell fire and
damnation” kind,
But, yet a more tender hearted man,
You would never find.

As the years would pass he would see,
Godly men who lost their fire
His prayer became “I want to finish as I began.”
Not get bogged down in sin’s mire.

His goal was set, and his heart was fixed,
On Him who stays the same.
He hated sin, yet loved all sinners.
He proclaimed God’s holy name.

A Pastor to the pastors,
A friend to those in need.
He stayed the same year in year out.
For the Savior he would plead.

And so this tale I soon must end
About this godly man.
Who set out to serve His Savior,
And who finished as he began!!

By: Mimi Redick

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