This was written by Dave Keating of Victory Baptist Church in Winthrop, Maine.


                                In the engulfing brilliance
                                   Of eternity's glow
                                  Glisten golden streets
                                Where crystal rivers flow

                                And the multitudes bustle
                                As golden bricks are laid
                               To prepare gold mansions
                                  As rewards to be paid

                                The one now being built
                                    Is larger than most
                                And requires more work
                                >From the heavenly host

                           There had been Peter's and Pauls
                                But in two thousand years
                                   There hadn't been one
                                     With this many tiers

                                       Silence fell, as the
                                      Last brick was laid
                                   The Lord Jesus turned
                                  And to the multitude said

                                    I've asked all of heaven
                                  To join in welcoming here
                                 A faithful son coming home
                                    -The multitude cheered

                                      For many long years
                                   He was belittled by men
                                But each time he grew weary
                                My strength I gave him again

                                    He'd race to My battles
                                   In a depraved, lost world
                                 And stand firm on the right
                                     My banner unfurled

                                    His adversary hurled
                                    A slew of fiery darts
                                    In an effort to break
                                My faithful servant's heart

                        But I strengthened him with my Spirit
                             And made compassion his fuel
                             Gave him greater works to do
                             Building churches and schools

                        I gave him the power of influence
                            O'er men I'd called to preach
                                And I gave his ministry
                                  A world wide reach

                            He trained men to be pastors,
                             Fathers, husbands, and more
                            He shared his passion for souls
                                And for reaching the poor

                                He had the mind of Christ
                            And preached hard against sin
                             But loved the sinner so much
                                He ran buses for them

                             He taught men to stand strong
                                Against endless attacks
                            And built a church as directed
                                   In My book of Acts

                                But My servant is tired
                        And his life has reached its end
                          And quite honestly I'm eager
                     To spend some time with my friend

                                And from high in heaven
                                 I see the fires still burn
                                   In the hearts of men
                              Who went to him to learn

                                Men of character whom,
                                   In spite of their grief
                                   Will work extra hard
                             To fill their buses this week

                            Though this servant's work
                                On earth is now done
                              My work through his life
                                    Is still going on

                        And then as a chariot approached
                                Gabriel spoke in God's ear
                And the Saviour proclaimed to all heaven
                                "Jack Hyles is here."

                                  By Dave Keating

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