This was written after Preacher suffered the heart attack, but before he went to Heaven.

Jason is a Junior at Hammond Baptist High School. The students, of course as you can imagine, are taking this pretty hard.


Today, Dear Lord I have a request
My preacher hurts give him rest
I ask that you give him comfort and peace.
And if not Dear Lord my prayers won't cease.

When I heard the news I fell to my face
I wondered how this could happen to my hero full of grace
I cried out to the Lord asking why
No answer came, no reply.

Does it have to be the Preacher that lies in that bed?
Could it be another or me instead?
Dear God you must be mistaken
This is my hero and he can't be taken

I realize Lord no mistakes can you do
I wish Brother Hyles was just like new
Just a few more sermons would I like to hear
From my Preacher whom I love so dear

I Love you preacher just want you to know
But I also know you love me so.
Dear Lord I ask you to be with my Preacher today
And heal him God in a miraculous way.

As I have been growing up he has meant a lot to me
But he has meant a lot to millions of others as they will agree
Thank You dear God for all that you have done
For giving us your only begotten Son.

Now dear Lord if I never on this earth Preacher again see
Thank you Jesus for salvation and eternity!

Jason Hiles

Written after Preacher went to Glory

Dear Lord, I miss my Preacher today
I miss his preaching and what he would say
I miss the funny jokes he would tell
I also liked it when he would yell

I miss seeing the microphone stands knocked on the floor
While Preacher standing there preaching Jesus is the only door
I miss my preacher's compassionate heart
But dear reader If I told all that I missed, where would I start

He's in Heaven Dear Lord I know
He's there because Your blood did flow
I know he's in a better place
But I can't stop the tears that flow from my face

I know he must be talking to his mother
Peter or Paul or even some other
We all know John Rice is there too
But most of all he wanted to see you.

Right now he's probably walking streets of gold
and reminiscing with all about days of old
I know Dear God he's with You
and some glorious day we will be too
Thank you Dear Lord for the promise of that day
When the trumpet shall sound and carry us away.

Jason Hiles

I Corinthians 15:52
In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

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