My Dear Brother,
         I would like to express my sincerest sympathy and empathy at the passing of Dr. Hyles.  I teach at Pinellas Park Christian School, under the leadership of Dr. Everett R. Farris.  When our school principal held an assembly today after Lunch, he announced the Home-Going of Dr. Hyles.
         In response to my grief, I have written a poem. 


Oh Captain, Dear Captain

                  by Brad A. Fenner
                     6 February 2001

Oh Captain, dear Captain                  
Your heart is now still.                   
You’re taken to heaven                     
  by God’s loving will.             

Your light was bright shining             
Your teaching so true.                     
You helped up-lift millions              
 while loving them too.                     

Your words still embrace us:              
Each book, tape and song.                  
We still need your wisdom;                
Our Trip may be long.              

We see your examples                       
Each deed and each choice                  
We’ll follow your actions                 
And still heed your voice.                 

Our hearts now are weeping                
We’re shedding some tears.                 
We look to the future                      
with trembling and fears.                  

But God’s in control                       
Christ’s Work will not cease.     
He set things in motion                    
So we could have peace.                   

We each have our Duty
to further the Cause.
Your Legacy is US
so we must not pause

For Dear Dr. Hyles
Let each of us rise
That Christ may be pleased
Beyond the bright skies

You see our Great King
And Jack David, too
Your mother and others
Beyond the Great Blue

We’ll each carry on
as you watch from above
And cheer us from Heaven,
and encourage with love.

We’ll miss you for now
our Captain and Friend
But we must be faithful
until our own end.

One day you will greet us
on Heaven’s bright shore
And we’ll live with Jesus
our Christ evermore.


Our Hero, Our Pastor
                  by Brad A. Fenner
                    14 February, 2001

Our hero, our pastor, our special friend
Our captain, our guide, whose love did not end

Three score and ten plus a few extra years
You taught us to love and conquer our fears

You led us to Christ and discipled us too
You invested your life and each of us grew

Throughout the long years you comforted hearts
You showed us how we could quench fiery darts

Our greatest pursuits could never reveal
The debt that we owe or emotions we feel

So let us all show to Jesus above
Thanksgiving to Him for showing His love

He gave Dr. Hyles; He gave of His best
To bring untold millions to Heaven’s sweet rest

We’ll miss you for now as we say good-bye
We’ll see you again when we meet on High

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