Hyles-Anderson College is a private Bible college designed to train students for Christian ministries. It is our purpose to provide a spiritual, academic, and cultural atmosphere that will produce well-rounded leaders.


We at Hyles-Anderson believe that God's program for service today is centered in the local New Testament church. We are committed to training preachers who will go from here to build Bible-believing, fundamental, separated, soul-winning churches. Thus, our goal is to train America's future pastors, assistant pastors, evangelists, song leaders, youth workers, bus directors, and missionaries.


We also believe that an important arm of the local church is the Christian school. Because of this belief, we are training teachers and administrators for Christian schools. We believe that the Christian school teacher and administrator must be professionally trained and spiritually oriented.


All programs are planned as terminal education. This means that we prepare students to go directly upon graduation into the ministry for which they have been trained.


Hyles-Anderson College is training successful preachers and teachers by following a three-fold emphasis. The spiritual must come first in the life of a Christian. Daily chapel services with true Bible preaching form a portion of this emphasis. This atmosphere is maintained in the classroom where every teacher is a dedicated Christian and consistent soul winner.


The second emphasis is the strong academic curriculum. Not only is it the purpose of our curriculum to teach how to reach the masses, but also to instill in students what to teach and preach to those reached.


Thirdly, our curriculum emphasizes the practical side of church ministries, the "how-to-do-its." The techniques, methods, programs, and philosophies behind the ministry of the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, are taught. In 1972, the Sunday school of this church was designated by Christian Life magazine as the largest in the world! This achievement is still being maintained with great vigor to the glory of Jesus Christ. Hyles-Anderson students have a peerless opportunity to work in the world's largest Sunday school and to learn the whys and hows of this great ministry.

Hyles-Anderson College