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First Service in the
New Auditorium!

March 6, 2005

We had a short service in the "old" auditorium during the 6 o'clock hour and then moved over to the new building for the regular evening service. It was truly amazing! The new one seats 50% more people, so I thought there would be 2,500 open seats when we moved over. The "old" one was jam packed for the 6 o'clock service.

When we finally got a seat in the new one, one of my first thoughts was "Good Heavens, we didn't make it big enough!" It was jammed. I think a lot of people showed up to be in the first service. We expect that it will take us a while to fill it on a routine basis.

Preacher got it going right of way. He was pounding the pulpit and preaching so hard, he actually lost his voice by the end of the sermon.

After the service people stayed around a lot longer than usual, rejoicing in what God is doing here. There is plenty of room for people to congregate. There is the beautiful grand entrance area and very large hallways around the auditorium on both the main and balcony levels.

The nurseries for birth through 7 months are on the balcony level. Hopefully by the fall program all of the rest of the nurseries will be located on the third floor, actually over the auditorium.

The first baptism in the new building was a construction worker who had helped build the new auditorium!