Letter From Dr. Evans


Dear Student:


Hyles-Anderson is probably the unique college in America. We are not impressed with what is being done at Devil State University and Satan U. Beyond that, we are not impressed with what is being done in most of the Christian colleges in America. We believe God has given us a special calling. As we have pursued this path, the blessing of God has been evident. We opened our doors in the fall of 1972 with 302 students. By the second semester, we had enrolled 366. In the next fall of our history, we enrolled 502 students and ended the year with a total of 590. The total enrollment for the 1974-1975 school year reached 1,008. The number in the student body has continued to grow steadily for many years.


Should you come to Hyles-Anderson? Not unless it is the fervent goal of your life to be a soul winner. We care not what your proposed life's work will be. The Bible teaches that you are unwise, that you are a backslider, and that you are a failure unless you are a soul winner.


Our approach to subject matter is unique. We are opposed to the stuffy, bookish, all-lecture style of teaching. We think it is ridiculous for a Christian to spend hours and hours in a psychology class studying what the rats do when they run a maze. In most psychology courses the professor is concerned about what makes an individual's eyes the color they are. We are more concerned about looking an individual in the eye and communicating truth to him. We are a bit tired of the snobbish, intellectual sophistry of much of the education of our day. We think it is time to get down to earth and give people what they need for life. Oh, we teach psychology and many other secular subjects, but we teach them from a practical, Scriptural approach.


We are not simply looking for students. We are looking for the right kind of students. We are looking for students, whether they are young, middle-aged, or older people, who have a burning desire to give themselves unreservedly to God.


Hyles-Anderson College is an amazing combination of loving warmth and strict discipline. Is that what you want? God bless you.



Dr. Wendell Evans

Hyles-Anderson College