Founders' Park

The idea for Founders' Park was the brain-child of Dr. Vogel, the principal of Hammond Baptist Junior High School.  Dr. Vogel got the idea while he was viewing the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.  He thought that Dr. Hyles has done as much for our country as many of those honored with monuments and decided that Bro. Hyles should be honored. Originally, it was to have been a surprise 75th birthday present for Dr. Hyles. God saw fit to take Bro. Hyles on to Heaven prior to this.

Founders' Park was formally opened and dedicated on October 20, 2001.  The crowd was large.  Many had family picnics on the grounds at Hyles-Anderson College.  The park is beautifully landscaped and has nice benches for people. The brick walkway contains inscriptions from many that "purchased a brick". Most of the inscriptions are expressions of love and thanks to Bro. and Mrs. Hyles.  Below are pictures of the event, shown in the order that they were taken. The convertible car is a 1959 Thunderbird that First Baptist Church presented to Dr. Hyles on his 40th anniversary as our Pastor.  Dr. and Mrs. Hyles came to Hammond in 1959.   Click on a picture to see an enlarged version. Click "back" in your browser to return.